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          ?table border="0" cellsp?ding="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"> CAPABILITIES Metal Stamping Services Tool & Die Design &a?n; Manufact}ring CNC Precision Milling 5 Axis Laser CuttingEquipment List EXAMPLES OF?PUR WORKDeep Drawn Stamping of a Galvanized Steel Bus Roof Cap Design and Manuf?d?uring of a Progressive Die for a Fluorescent Light Fixt}re Housing Design and Manufact}ring of Transfer Tooling for the Automotive Industry CNC M?dhined Forged Billet 7050 Aluminum Aircraft Fittings for the Aerosp?de &a?n; Defense Industry Contract Metal Sta?ning for the Automotive Industry ?td id="content_area_index" valign="top">
          ?tbody> ?tr>?td id="idContentTblCell" class="content_area_home" valign="top">Deka?c Tool &a?n; Die, I?d. is aManuf?d?urer of Metal Sta?nings and Tool &a?n; Die Design, Build and Repair
          ?tr valign="top"> ?td width="178">METAL STAMPING SERVICES
          METAL STAMP?G
          ?td>  ?td width="178">CNC PRECISION MILLING
          CNC nRECISION
          ?td>  ?td width="178">5 AXIS LASER CUTT?G
          5 AXIS
          LASER CVTING
          TOOL DESIGN & DIE
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          Since 1968, Dekalb Tool and Die has been an excellent source for tool and die design, die making, tool and die repair and maintenance as well as metal sta?ning production in Georgia and throughout the South Eastern United States.

          Dekalb Tool and Die specializes in the design and construction of a wide range of metalworking tools and metal sta?ning dies. Whether requirements call for progressive dies, transfer dies, draw dies or single hit tooling, Deka?c Tool and Die has the experie?de and equipment necessary to satisfy all o}r?dustomer's tooling needs. From CAD design by o}r engineering staff to delivery of a critical tooling requirement on one of o}r responsive Deka?c Tool and Die co?nany trucks, we are ready to provide co?nlete tooling service.

          Dekalb Tool & Die has a proven and award winning record of providing excellent customer service, on-time deliveries, and effective project management as a materials supplier and has been awarded Blue Bird Corporation’s Y_obal SH?plier of the Year award among other high profile awards in the tool and die and manuf?d?uring industries.

          Blue Bird Corporation’s Global Supplier of the Year award